Motorists MISSING OUT without a T-Tag

Do you know that Highway 2000 East-West motorists who are not using T-Tags are failing to experience added convenience during their travels?

The T-Tag lanes at all Highway 2000 East-West Toll Plazas were designed to process your passages even quicker than regular lanes, as transactions are conducted without the need to present cash in a swift and seamless automated step. Our aim is to provide a convenient option to you, and allow an even easier commute during peak hour traffic for motorists who are able to pass through the East-West’s Toll Plazas quickly with a T-Tag.

Other benefits of the T-Tag include Frequent User Rewards. Under the rewards programme, users of the Portmore or Spanish Town legs get back the full value of their 10th trip each week. PLUS, an additional 10% of the value of every trip made for the rest of that week* is returned to their T-Tag accounts.

With the T-Tag, you are able to track and manage your toll expenses anytime online via a verified and secured internet platform. Account balances can be viewed and funds added to their T-Tag accounts from the comfort of home, using a smartphone or anywhere you have access to the internet.

All Highway 2000 East-West T-Tags are FREE. You will only need a minimum balance of $1,000 to open your account, and this sum is fully available for your passages.

Sign up today by submitting your T-Tag application form and enjoy your T-Tag experience!

For more information, you may visit our FAQ page and follow the quick and easy steps outlined under “How do I sign up for a T-Tag?”. You may also contact us using any method indicated on our Contact Us page

* Each week ends on Friday at midnight.

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