JIO leads Highway Safety Training Sessions for JCF

JIO leads Highway Safety Training Sessions for JCF and Highway Patrol Teams

A two-day training session was held on April 11 – 12, 2018 to sensitize the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s Highway Patrol Team and the patrol teams of both Highway 2000 East-West and North-South Highway, on safety and emergency issues that often arise on highway corridors. As periodically organized by Jamaican Infrastructure Operator Ltd. (JIO) for a few years, this first collaborative session was initiated by the National Road Operating and Constructing Company Limited (NROCC), and was hosted at the Treadways Management Center, in an effort to enhance collaboration and share best practices to the benefit of all stakeholders.

Presenters included the key operations personnel of JIO (operator of Highway 2000 East-West) and Jamaica North South Highway Company (JNSHC - Developer/Operator of North-South highway). The panel, which was led by Mr. Desmond Levy, Operations & Maintenance Manager on the East-West legs, highlighted safety challenges to be properly anticipated and addressed, and also fielded concerns from those present.

This initiative is one of many ways in which we at JIO are committed to working together with all stakeholders to maximize the level of safety provided to all staffs and highways’ customers, and thus deliver the high-quality service the motoring public of Jamaica deserves.

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