Labour Day 2018:

Embarked with Portmore Municipality Council

In our sustained efforts to support communities surrounding the Highway 2000 East-West’s corridors, we were delighted this year to participate in one of the government sponsored projects under the theme, “Ramp it Up…. Fix it Up”.

We joined with the Portmore Municipality Council to fulfil this mandate at three locations, Windsor School for Special Needs Children, Portmore Health Centre and Portmore Junior Centre. Activities included painting of the school, building a washroom and fixing a play area. Ten ramps were built at the Health Centre and five at the Junior Centre as well as painting.

Participation and donation from the Highway 2000 East-West project were well received and appreciated as expressed by Mayor Leon Thomas commented that he would like the collaboration to continue with the Municipality as we work to uplift and enhance the communities and public spaces of Portmore.

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