Wrecking on Highway 2000 East-West: Tow SAFELY…

If your vehicle breaks down during your journey on Highway 2000 East-West, please act as follows:

1- Take note of your location by viewing the closest location sign,

2- Contact our Emergency Toll Free Number at 888-429-5632 immediately for assistance.

Our Patrol Officers are constantly monitoring the corridor, and one will be directed to your location as soon as we receive notification.

Then, if it is determined that you need to be towed, our authorized wrecking service provider will be contacted and dispatched to assist you. This service remains at your expense, as is the case on other local roads.

Given our firm objective to maintain the safest conditions for ALL road users, JIO, as the Operator of Highway 2000 East-West, authorized Century Wrecker Services to provide these towing services along the East-West Corridors upon request.

Most importantly, this approved company is:

- Equipped with the suitable equipment to meet the demands for safely towing vehicles of various sizes,

- Fitted with the capacity to respond in the required timeframe,

- and Committed to adhere to our correct General Safety Rules and Procedures.

As a consequence, we want to remind drivers that unauthorized towing companies or individuals are not allowed to tow vehicles along the roadway. And as such, anyone found in breach of this can face the penalties outlined in Section 26 of the Toll Road Act for the offence of “Failing, neglecting or refusing to obey an instruction or direction of a person authorized by the concessionaire”.

Therefore, be considerate of others and abide by the measures which have been put in place… with your safety and that of others in mind!

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