"On The Road, On The Job"

JIO is proud to support the Grennell’s Driving School in its staging of the International Safety Workshop.

As a large part of our objective is to ensure the safety of all users of the Highway 2000 East-West network, we at JIO look for opportunities to not only sensitize the public on safe practices, but to ensure that our own team is equipped with up-to-date training on sound safety procedures recognized at an international standard. It is therefore a no-brainer that we decided to continue our participation and sponsorship of the workshop this year.

The Grennel team, headed by Alphonso Grennel has worked tirelessly to inform and educate the public on all aspects of road safety and best practices. It is important to keep these elements in mind for JIO’s staff on the job and for the public in general with the substantive road work projects currently active in Kingston and the seeming increase of impatient and intolerant drivers. A motor vehicle owner has the responsibility to ensure that their car in properly maintained with correct tyres and engine maintenance. Poor tyres are one of the number one causes of serious road accidents resulting in either injury or fatality and can be largely avoided. The continuous respect for road signage and speed limits is paramount to drivers.

We take this opportunity to congratulate all other stakeholders and participants in the workshop, and to encourage us all to do our part in making Jamaica’s entire road network much safer for all concerned.

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