Get your FREE T-Tag today, the EASY way…

Motorists can reduce their travel time through any Highway 2000 East-West Toll Plaza with a T-Tag. The T-Tag lane, identified by an Orange “t” overhead, is an automated express lane opened to T-Tag customers owning a prepaid account. The automation of this lane makes toll transactions much quicker, which means that even during peak-hour, customers using the T-Tag lanes can pass swiftly through any Highway 2000 East-West Toll Plaza.

The T-Tag is FREE, and customers are encouraged to get their T-Tag today and pay no additional fees to enjoy the following benefits:

• Swifter passages through the Toll Plaza

Frequent User Rewards where applicable

• Periodic discounts applicable to T-Tag customers only

• Convenient management of T-Tag accounts online or by using the T-Tag to Go! mobile app available at the Google Play Store and the App Store.

For more information on T-Tags, please visit our FAQ page or get in touch with us at the details listed on our CONTACT US page.

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