JIO Thanks Customers for Feedback During Recent Survey

The Operator of Highway 2000 East-West (JIO) expresses its gratitude to all those who have participated in providing feedback during the recently concluded customer satisfaction survey which was conducted during the final week in April. This year’s survey is one of many that the company has been conducting since its inception, as JIO values the input of its customers and uses the results of the survey to inform any future adjustments or developments which will improve the quality of the offerings provided to customers of Highway 2000 East-West.

On a matter of logistics, the teams involved ensured that any disruption to customers was as minimal as possible. Motorists were given the option of completing a brief questionnaire administered verbally at marked strategic locations which do not obstruct the smooth passage of others along the roadway. This exercise was closely monitored by members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) to ensure that the safety of all involved is maintained at all times.

 The participation of the Survey Team, the members of the JCF, JIO’s own Operational Staff and all contributing customers continue to support the effectiveness of each installation of the Customer Satisfaction Survey. JIO issues its thanks to all.

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