JIO endorses this Fifth United Nations Global Road Safety Week

The Fifth United Nations Global Road Safety Week is slated for May 6 – 12, 2019 and focuses on leadership for road safety. This is strongly needed at all levels to attain road safety targets, and it is important that each of us as individuals recognize that we too can be leaders for road safety!

This year’s campaign: Save Lives - #SpeakUp encourages all persons whether drivers, passengers, pedestrians or cyclists, to take action for road safety by speaking up and following the three steps below:

1. “Assess your journey” – Identify the most significant risk you encounter during your journey which needs to be addressed

2. “Record your demands” – Once you have assessed your journey and identified your risk, make a note of the change you wish to see.

3. “Urge decision-makers to make a pledge” – Get the attention of the decision-makers by using the appropriate means to make them pledge to improve the safety of your daily journey.


For more information on the United Nations Global Road Safety Week, please visit

You can also GET INVOLVED and download the United Nation’s Save Lives - #SpeakUp Toolkit here:

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