JIO Stands in the Fight for Road Safety

Partnering for the fourth consecutive year with the Toll Authority, JIO participated, on June 15, 2019, to the 11th Jamaica Driver & Traffic Safety Expo, event held annually thanks to the diligent efforts of Alphonso Grennell and his Driving School.

As the Operator of Highway 2000 East-West, one primary goal of JIO is to ensure that Highway users are sensitized to road safety practices and, therefore, our representatives were mobilized to introduce informational flyers and pamphlets to visitors and remind them of the most important tips, such as:

  • Always take note of, and obey, the speed limit
  • Keep left, pass right
  • Memorize the Emergency Toll Free Number 888-429-5632
  • Do not proceed through smoke
  • Check your tyres before driving on the Highway
  • Et cetera...

Expo patrons were then invited to answer questions prepared by JIO which sought to quiz them on their Highway Safety Awareness, and prizes were offered to those who responded successfully.

This 2019 Jamaica Driver & Traffic Safety Expo was held under the patronage of Dr. Parris Lyew-Ayee Jr., executive director of Mona GeoInformatics Institute and expert in crashes and geospatial analysis. The event was also supported by other key players in the transport sector who delivered strong messages to all the attendees, particularly to the young students present, to raise their road safety awareness.

Warm thanks to all participants!

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