Navigating the Rainy Season … Safely!

The month of May has been known to produce a lot of rain in Jamaica. Also, as we approach the beginning of the Hurricane Season, drivers should be particularly cautious during this period because a shower of rain is likely to make the road surface slick, and this increases the chances that control of the vehicle is lost.

The following tips are therefore recommended when driving on the highway during and/or after a shower of rain:

  • Drivers shall reduce their speed and maintain extra space between themselves and the vehicle ahead.
  • Curves shall be navigated slowly and with special caution.
  • Once there is poor visibility, the driver shall pull over SAFELY onto the hard shoulder, turn on the vehicle’s hazard lights and put the headlights on the brightest setting. Following that, contact can be made to our Emergency Toll Free Number at 888-429-5632 to notify us of the situation at your location.
  • Drivers shall NOT stop on the slow or fast lanes of the Highway, as this may cause other drivers to collide into them.

Please pay attention to these tips, and do your part so YOU and OTHERS remain safe on the roads.


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