Postponement of Highway 2000 East-West Toll Rate Revision

TransJamaican Highway Limited wishes to advise the public that due to the COVID 19 Pandemic and the unusual effect it has been having on Jamaica and the economy, the company has made a decision to delay the implementation of the 2020 toll rate revision on all legs of Highway 2000 East-West.

The Concession Agreement between NROCC, on behalf of the Government of Jamaica, and TransJamaican Highway Limited, the Developer of Highway 2000 East-West, allows an increase of a capped value in July of each year.  However, TransJamaican Highway Limited has frequently opted to adjust to rates lower than the permitted maximum, or to forgo an increase entirely, once it is viable for the company to do so for the benefit of the motoring public.

While the company is not able to waive the rate adjustment this year, it will postpone any changes to offer some relief to the pockets of commuters. The company will continue to assess the economic situation and will announce the new rates at least seven (7) days in advance to give the public sufficient notice.

TransJamaican Highway Limited thanks customers of Highway 2000 East-West for their continued support and encourages safety in all aspects of daily life.

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