Normally at this time, there would be much hustle and bustle on our cities streets with the transportation of students back to school for the start of the new academic year, and parents hurrying to reach work in time in spite of the increase in traffic.

Many things are different this year, however, we want to remain constant in issuing a reminder to all our valued customers to be safe on the roads.

  • Do NOT exceed maximum speed limits and obey any temporary speed limit imposed during road works or maintenance.
  • Do NOT stop on the Highway unless directed to do so by the police or the traffic authority. Stopping on the hard shoulder is strictly limited to emergencies. Picking up or dropping off passengers is NOT permitted on the corridor.
  • Do NOT reverse, cross the median strip, or drive against the traffic flow on the Highway. If you have missed your exit or have taken the wrong route, continue to the next exit.
  • ALWAYS pay attention to emergency personnel and obey their instructions during hazardous situations.
  • Regularly check to ensure that your vehicle is in good mechanical condition.
  • In case of any emergency on the highway, pull over safely, turn on your hazard lights, take note of your location, and contact the Emergency Toll Free Number at 888-429-5632.
  • Do NOT tow or attempt to repair a disabled vehicle, but contact the Emergency Toll Free Number at 888-429-5632 and the operator will dispatch an authorized wrecker to assist you safely.
  • Drive in the left lane, pass on the right.
  • Pedestrians and Cyclists are NOT allowed on the highway as they are at great risk.
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