Start the year off right! Get your FREE T-Tag today!

The T-Tag offers so many advantages to customers including the opportunity to use an express lane in which the toll transaction is done by an automated cashless system linked to their T-Tag accounts. The automation reduces the travel time for customers since they can be processed quicker in a dedicated lane at any Highway 2000 East-West Toll Plaza.

T-Tag customers also benefit from Frequent user rebates which are automatically credited to their T-Tag accounts when they use certain routes, as well as from periodic promotions in which rewards are given simply for being a T-Tag user.

The T-Tag is completely FREE for customers, and there are NO EXTRA FEES for using the service.

Customers can sign up for a T-Tag by completing the application form (click here to download) and submitting their Motor Vehicle Registration Certificate and Valid ID (e.g. Driver’s Licence) at any Highway 2000 East-West Sales Office (located at each Toll Plaza) along with a minimum of JA$1,000 towards their T-Tag account. Once the account is opened, customers can then collect the T-Tag device and follow the simple installation instructions.

Sign up for your FREE T-Tag today, and enjoy the convenience and all the benefits of being a T-Tag user.

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