Earth Day 2021

Jamaica, like all other countries in the World, is facing negative fallout resulting from years of NOT protecting our environment. Our beautiful Caribbean Sea is polluted by waste products, the famous Blue Mountains suffer deforestation. The World celebrated Earth Day on April 22, 2021 and Jamaica's Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Andrew Holness along with two other Ministers took part in the Leaders Summit on Climate, where 40 World leaders were invited by President Biden to discuss global climate action.

Here is the thing, everyone can contribute to positive change in the environment simply by doing small things. Separate your garbage, glass from plastic, paper from plastic. Start a home compost pile with vegetable refuse from the kitchen or trimmings from your garden. Once it has broken down, the mulch can be used as a nutrient rich addition to thankful plants and trees, reducing the need for commercial fertilizer.

JIO is committed to environmentally friendly projects such as our rainwater harvesting and our solar panel installation at all toll plazas. The Company has systematically installed low water volume toilets at all Toll Plazas and our solar panel investment has permitted us to "sell" power back to the grid drastically reducing our electricity bills at the Operational level.

Plant a tree, turn off a light not in use, check for dripping pipes – EVERYTHING – whether big or small helps to reduce our carbon footprint!

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