Some of us on occasion find ourselves in a position where we’re tired, but we know that we have to travel from one point to another, and sometimes the only way for us to make the trip is to get behind the steering wheel ourselves. However, there are great risks involved when driving when sleepy. In fact, driving drowsy can be just as dangerous as driving drunk.

When you’re tired the accuracy of your eyesight, your reaction time to sounds and lights, and your ability to measure speed may be impaired even without your knowing it. There is also the extreme danger of falling asleep behind the wheel – a common cause of many serious and often fatal accidents.

You should never operate a vehicle if your mind is not clear and focused, if you have difficulty concentrating, if your eyes feel heavy and/or tired, or you find yourself yawning frequently. Simply put, do not drive when you know you that you are sleepy.

If you’re tired, protect yourself and others by getting some rest before driving!

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