Earth Day 2021 - "Restore Our Earth"

Earth Day's theme for 2021 was "Restore Our Earth"


JIO along with its stakeholders of Vinci, Bouygues and the Institute of Jamaica had an interactive discussion forum under this title and how it affects our daily lives.


At Highway 2000 East-West we thrive to enrich and maintain the lands adjacent to the corridor, but also, to nurture the mangroves – which are protected flora and fauna – along the Portmore section. Some species of reptile and insects are only to be found there and deserve to be protected for future generations who have inherited a damaged Earth and have the task to be the change the World needs to survive.


Mangroves with their dense root system help to bind and build soils. They also help our environment by filtering nitrates, phosphates and other pollutants from the water improving its quality – a win win for us at JIO since we supported the re-planting of the mangroves upon completion of the Portmore leg of the Highway. We have subsequently witnessed the flourish of vegetal growth and the enriched habitat of the crocodiles and other animal to be found in Jamaica. The specie is typically the American Crocodile and tends to make an appearance after very heavy rainfall when it may be displaced and makes its appearance in gullies or culverts along the Highway.


We would like to encourage motorists to be mindful of their environment and not mindlessly toss garbage out of their car windows which inevitably end up in our waterways enroute to the Ocean. One of the lessons to be learned from man's systematic destruction of natural habitat of plant and animal species Worldwide is that we witness the extinction of countless elements of nature. Extreme weather phenomena will continue to negatively impact us if we are not more mindful as of NOW. Do your part, help Restore our Earth by small actions in large numbers. Grow some of what you eat, your pocket will thank you as will your stress levels as it widely known that gardening positively impacts your mental health. Recycle, especially plastics as it is one of the main pollutants in the World.

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