Highway 2000 East-West is not your Garbage Bin!!!

It seems to this writer that our land of wood and water – Jamaica – has generally become more clogged with garbage in the past several years than ever before. To say that this is a gross pity, is a severe understatement.


Allow me to narrow this observation to the Highway 2000 East-West corridor. Some persons seem to believe that it is acceptable that they dispose of their garbage while driving along the corridor of the Highway. This is a deliberate action, it is not a cup or a paper napkin, it is a garbage bag filled with household waste and refuse! Everything from kitchen scraps to baby diapers. SHAME, SHAME.


Let us already state that garbage collection, especially is some parts of the island may have been challenged; and while persons may have become desperate to identify solutions to disposing of their garbage, the solution is not to throw it out the window while driving on the Highway or anywhere else for that matter. This act attracts scavengers to the corridor. Dogs, cats, and other animals are attracted by whatever elements contained in these garbage bags can contribute to their survival.  The presence of these animals in turn can present severe risk to the motoring public when they unwittingly find themselves on the Highway.


It is unfortunate that in the past year or so, the Highway has also found disposed bodies in the verges along the Highway. We pay persons to maintain the greenery and sweep the corridor and it is shocking that they not only have to clean up dirty diapers but sometimes come upon decomposing cadavers.


Please be mindful of your practices, it is not because it is out of sight of mind – every action has a reaction, and that responsibility multiplies at every step along the way. At a time when human practices of the past 100 or more years are wreaking havoc with the Earth's climate MUST be more mindful of our carbon footprint than ever before.

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