For those of you who did not realize that we are almost at the end of June, and that that June 1 marked the start of the Atlantic Hurricane Season, JIO would like to remind you that “WE”, as in the Caribbean, are off to a roaring start – see image below. Please keep in mind that the screen shot shows potential trajectories of disturbed weather that could form into storms or hurricanes.


While some persons may be aware that this Season would have once again been an above average one, they may not have realized the level of activity to date. There has already been Tropical Storm Alex in early June that dumped heavy rain on Southern Florida. Interestingly, Alex started as storm Agatha in the Pacific, but crossed over the Central American Peninsula where it became Alex in the overly warm waters of the Caribbean Sea.


The predictions are for 14 – 21 named storms in 2022 with 3 – 5 of those gaining major hurricane status.


It is important for all to remember that, and it would be advisable that persons prepare as much as possible before hand for the threat of a storm by purchasing non-perishable food items for storage, and other essentials such as matches, kerosene oil, batteries etc. as much as your individual budgets will allow. Do not forget to check for expiration dates where applicable.


Highway 2000 East-West would like to remind all their customers that if a Tropical Storm Warning or Hurricane Warning is issued it means that the Island will begin to experience weather associated with such phenomena will begin to affect the Island in 36 hours or less. It is important to follow the weather bulletins issued by the weather service and aired on the national radio stations as well as special advisories from the Operating company of Highway 2000 East-West for instructions on how to safely use the Highway before the full impact of the weather system begins, during the passage and after – known as the recovery period.


Jamaican Infrastructure Operator (JIO) works closely with the Government and the National Weather Service to safely guide persons who use various legs of Highway 2000 East-West. The Government decides if it is necessary to place the corridor in “free” mode where the barriers are left raised and traffic passes freely without the payment of the Toll. Please remember that there are NO SUPPORTING SERVICES once this mode is activated. Motorists are implored to be very vigilant and conscious of the impact of flooding and the possibility of flying debris.


Please do not venture to use the corridor or any road till the authorities have announced that it is relatively safe to do so!


We would like that all persons drive with extra caution and care, and well below the speed limit is advisable, so that all may remain safe during hazardous weather conditions.

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