Highway 2000 East-West is a network of tolled roadways (T1 and T2) currently with two (2) corridors:

• T1 is 43.5 kilometres long and stretches between Kingston and May Pen (with a connection through to Spanish Town)

• T2 is 6.4 kilometres in length and runs between Kingston and Portmore (Portmore Causeway)

The motorway corridors are supported by four (4) toll plazas, commencing with one at Vineyards which was opened in 2003, followed by one at Spanish Town in 2004, then the Portmore facility in 2006, and finally one at May Pen (Mineral Heights), which was opened in 2012.

Highway 2000 East-West is the first component of the Highway 2000 project designed by the Government of Jamaica to meet a number of objectives, including increasing accessibility to urban, suburban, and rural communities across the island. It was also envisioned that the development of the Highway 2000 network, would serve as a catalyst for the growth of flourishing communities in areas outside of the metropolitan region, given that access to and from major towns and cities island-wide would be greatly enhanced. In fact, a special Government funded project named the “Portmore to Clarendon Park Highway 2000 Corridor Development Plan Project” was undertaken in 2004 to identify and assist in effectively exploiting the economic growth opportunities the Highway would create.