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A few easily recognized benefits of Highway 2000 East-West include:

• the significant reduction of travel time between destinations,

• support of road safety by providing a separate and contained environment (designed in accordance with internationally accepted standards) for faster travelling motor vehicles,

• and the lowering of expenditure on petrol and vehicle maintenance costs.

However, there are far more economic advantages that have been had through the Highway 2000 East-West project.

Practical Housing Solutions

The development of the highway has supported the emergence of much-needed practical housing solutions. From the onset, an objective of the highway was to reduce population pressure on the metropolitan areas, and since its development there has been a significant increase in the number of residential properties built outside the capital city. The New Harbour Village Development Schemes are examples of housing solutions provided for persons so they can live outside of Kingston but have close access to Highway 2000 East-West and therefore commute into the capital easily and quickly.

Job Creation

Private sector job creation is another major benefit brought about by Highway 2000 East-West. TJH, the Developer of the Highway, and JIO, the Operator, employ approximately 200 trained Jamaicans in their staff complement, and contract even more local personnel to carry out some special functions. Also, BYTPJ employed hundreds of Jamaicans during the construction of the latest phase in May Pen completed in 2012.

Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainable Development

The private agencies involved in the project are very keen on promoting sustainable development and education, and continue to make significant philanthropic contributions in various parishes, more particularly in the vicinity of the Highway corridors. Despite limited financial resources, TJH and JIO each strive to contribute millions in cash and donations annually to communities and institutions wherever possible in honour of its good corporate citizen objectives. Over the years, the following agencies and institutions have benefited from company sponsorships: the Portmore Healthcare Complex, the Windsor School of Special Education, Kensington Primary and Independence City Primary all in Portmore; the Mustard Seed Jerusalem Community and Jonathan Grant High School in Spanish Town; the May Pen Hospital and Fire Brigade, the Chandler’s Pen Primary and Junior School in May Pen which also benefited from the funding of a Biodiversity Learning Centre under partnership with the Natural History Museum of the Institute of Jamaica. Swallowfield Chapel’s Youth Reaching Youth Ministry in Kingston and the Violence Prevention Alliance are also among a list of several other beneficiaries.