Vehicles are classified according to the height and length. The table below indicates the specifications for class 1, 2 and 3 vehicles. As the Operator of Highway 2000 East-West we are mandated to remain in accordance with this standard for vehicle classification which was adopted into law via Gazette.

Class Height Length
1 Less than 1.70 m  
2 Higher than 1.70 m Less than 5.50 m
3 Higher than 1.70 m More than 5.50 m

At the manual lanes of any Highway 2000 East-West toll plaza, the actual dimensions of a vehicle are detected by in-lane sensors. This information is then used by an automated system to determine the classification of each vehicle based on the above table. While the classification of vehicles driven by T-Tag customers is fixed to their T-Tag account upon sign up.

While two vehicles may be of the same make, model and year, slight variations may affect the height and length of each vehicle, causing them to fall within different classes. For example, larger/smaller tyres, the mounting of a roof rack, or the installation of a body kit can change the height and/ or length of a vehicle.

Should you experience such a variation, please contact our Customer Service Team so that an investigation may be conducted.