A T-Tag is a device which is linked to a driver’s prepaid T-Tag Account with Highway 2000 East-West. The T-Tag is affixed to a specified area of the driver’s motor vehicle and is detected by sensors in the Tag lane at the Toll Plazas. Once there are sufficient funds in the driver’s T-Tag Account for the passage, the applicable toll charge is deducted from the account, and the driver is granted passage in one quick automated step. It is far more convenient to travel on Highway 2000 East-West when you have a T-Tag, and guess what, opening a T-Tag Account is FREE!

With a T-Tag you benefit in many ways:

• Avoid having to stop in the manual lanes

• Quit worrying if you have enough cash on you to pay the toll,

• Gain more control as you track and manage your toll expenses

• Benefit from the Frequent User Rewards Programme

• View your account balance and top up online