Sustainable Development Chandlers Pen Primary and Junior High School

Biodiversity Project

Jamaica is known to be extremely rich in the range of its biodiversity and is home to many endemic offerings including mammals, butterflies, reptiles and hundreds of plants. The island may have more than 500 species of snails, for example, many of which can only be found in Jamaica. Clarendon is home to many of these unique animals. As the importance of preserving global biodiversity increases daily, it becomes ever more vital for Jamaica to understand and protect its natural environment. The Caribbean region is considered one of a handful of global biodiversity hotspots – and Jamaica is one of the most important islands in terms of its large number of endemic species. The new biodiversity centre is a vital step towards Jamaica learning to appreciate and protects its wealth in biodiversity, starting with our children.

 The construction of the new biodiversity classroom was completed in February 2012 at Chandlers Pen Primary and Junior High School in Clarendon, the parish in which Phase 1B is currently under construction. The Institute of Jamaica has formalized activities at the school and the classroom is fully functional. The participation from both the student and faculty members has been remarkable, as the club has increased in numbers. The growth in the awareness of the participants is evident through the success of the lessons provided by IOJ. See sample of Lesson Plan for March 2012 attached in the appendixes. The official opening is scheduled for June 8, 2012 and includes invitees from the relevant state Ministries associated with Biodiversity on our island, neighbouring schools and all partners in this initiative.


Corporate Social Responsibility

An application for grant funding under Bouygues Corporate Foundation’s Terre Plurielle programme for qualifying charitable projects has been made on behalf of Mustard Seed Communities (Jerusalem) in Spanish Town. It is a non-governmental hospice and residential facility for children deemed physically and mentally challenged, as well as children who are infected by the HIV/AIDS. Both JIO and TJH have made periodic donations in cash and kind to the institution and their merit for grant funding consideration carries our full endorsement. It was announced in May that Mustard Seed will be receiving the grant, our employees and the Management of the Mustard Seed Community were all overwhelmed by this fantastic news. The partnership that we have fostered over the years with the Mustard Seed Community is a perfect example of our commitment to sustainable development in our surrounding communities.

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